"Providing a framework for girls to learn from successful adults is the key ingredient."

You Go Girl does a beautiful job of creating that framework while helping all participants develop new insights, become friends and have a lot of fun.

About Us

Our goal is to bring current community leaders together with teen girls, the up and coming leaders of the future in a comfortable retreat setting. Together you will each discover your personality type and how best to present yourself in important situations. Partnering with women of different ages helps us all to expand our vision of the world and of its possibilities.

Leadership: Camp CEO

The primary experience of the Camp CEO weekend is the transformation of high school girls into enabled choice-making young women with a life direction. Local professional business women volunteers guide the girls to create the Purposeful Life Statements.


All programs are facilitated in an experiential learning model and within a safe environment, both physically and emotionally. We work with all size groups (5 to 100+) and all fitness levels. We work with you beforehand to customize your program in order to better meet your goals.